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Video pre-testing for Advertisers


The right message to the right persons

Feelin helps you to connect with your audience and deliver meaningfull messages

Ads with the best emotional response generate a 23% lift in sales volume

Nielsen Insights, 2018

The main issues with video ads

We all know video marketing can be extremely powerful and effective, but we are also familiar with the following situations: You spend tons of money making a video, but you are not confident about the return, because you don’t know whether your ad will work and achieve its final goals or people will just look away. You pay some creative team (internal or external) to make a video clip that put your product in value, and they do their best to come with a great idea that will increase your campaign ROI. Spoiler: sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t.

Whether the objective of your ad is to increase sales, raise awareness of your brand or simply explain customers how to use your product, you need to be sure there is a very good chance of strong return before launching the video on channels, whether they are digital or TV.

Be sure your ads will work – we are already talking about one of the main reasons why incorporating pre-launch testing in your marketing planning is crucial. So, the first question might be, what exactly is pre-launch video testing?

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