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We help advertisers and agencies to develop the human centered marketing


Our Story

In 2020, after more than ten years of experience in the field of neuroscience, Feelin was created to put ‘human at the centre of marketing’ and thus, make testing of videos (of all kinds, in particular video ads) – which was previously only organised in laboratories – faster, cost-effective, and most importantly, more accessible to every company and agency.

Feelin has been helping dozens of companies to improve their campaigns and to deliver the right messages to their audience.

Our Purpose

We believe that in an increasingly crowded media landscape, it is time to focus on quality over quantity.

Advertisers need to get their message across in an increasingly noisy environment. To do this, campaigns need to be improved to make them more creative, impactful and memorable.  Involving the audience in the design process will ensure that the right people are reached at the right time with the right message.

Thanks to technology, Feelin makes this possible and accessible to all professionals.


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