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Boost your creativity

with actionable KPIs

Boost creativity

Win every pitch

Competition can be fierce among agencies. Nowadays, there are thousands of marketing agencies that offer video services. How can you differentiate yourself from them and win agency pitches?

With Feelin, you offer a guarantee that their video will be a success and that they will get their money's worth with you. Make pre-testing of videos a major selling point to convince clients to sign with you.

Settle debates with the client

Tastes and colors are a matter of personal preference and are not up for discussion... except with a client. Have you ever had to make dozens and dozens of "final" adjustments? Everyone has their own sensibility and impressions, and it's difficult for everyone to agree on the final version.

With Feelin, you can provide objective data to prove that the version you propose will be a success.

Make a video that stands out from the rest. This is the reason that will compel your clients to use your services and will create a favorable reputation for you. For this, it is necessary to have the most creative individuals in your agency, but is that enough?

With Feelin, you can identify the best sequences of a video. This allows you to optimize the quality of the video by keeping only the best parts.

Don't be shy, get inside

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