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MicrosoftTeams-image (72).png

Unlock the emotional impact of your video

Discover the benefits of pretesting
with our no-cost trial

Secure agency

Stand out from the competition and secure agency pitches by presenting solid data on viewer responses.

Reduce edits

and iterations

Say goodbye to endless revisions. Transform your video's first draft into the final masterpiece.

Boost your


Create exceptional videos by unleashing your creativity.
Evaluate storyboards and mockups before allocating your resources


"We partner with Feelin at different stages of the design process: during storyboarding, key visual creation, beta testing, and finally during campaign launch testing. The results are incredibly interesting and often very surprising."

Chloé Chaniot

Creative director

How it works

Actionable results

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Analysis of emotional sequences

Determine if the different sequences in your videos elicit the emotions you expected.

User retention curve

Evaluate if you're able to capture user attention within the first few seconds. Pre-test the view-through rate.

Customizable questionnaires

Ask open-ended questions to identify if your message is clear enough and if the audience associates it with the brand.

An innovative method to choose the
winning assets

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Agencies reduce the number of revisions by 35%.

Thanks to Feelin, we can quickly check which version works best and share the results with our clients directly through an online platform. We save a lot of time in coming to a final decision and in our discussions with clients.

Chloé Leclerc

Creative director

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Your results online
in just a few

Platform in your brand colors.

Shareable link for your clients.

Customizable panel.

Export of results

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Why you're going to love us

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  • A SaaS tailored to your needs 

  • Pricing designed for agencies 

  • Free trial offer with no commitment.

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to use

  • Become self-sufficient and test your videos in just a few clicks

  • Easily understand the results 

  • Receive personalized recommendations.

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  • A highly responsive panel of testers

  • Results in just a few hours 

  • Insights to improve your campaigns right away

They're talking about us



Feelin was the only Belgian martech start-up present at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. Feelin offers a pre-testing solution for TV commercials and other videos for social media, aimed at agencies.


Las Vegas January 2023

MicrosoftTeams-image (92).png

Best Martech Tool

IAB Mix Award 2020

MicrosoftTeams-image (92).png

AMMA Award 2022

Media Research of the Year

MicrosoftTeams-image (93).png

Young Company Award

Belgian Association of Marketing

Don't be shy, it's a free trial

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