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4 Best Practices For Displaying Your Logo in Video Ads (With Examples!)

A great video ad needs much more than stunning visuals, creative content, and the right soundtrack. More importantly, you want people to associate your video with your brand, and in the best case, deeply remember this association. Of course, your brand identity can manifest in various ways, but the most straightforward way must be your logo. Everyone knows the importance of having a well-designed logo, but what if your logo is not even noticed by the audience while watching the video?

A well placed and displayed logo can boost your branding efforts and your brand remembrance, whereas a misplaced or poorly displayed logo can overshadow all the hard work you have put in your video. Also, your logo can be well placed – meaning that the timing can be great – but still not be noticed by the audience if the logo itself is too static or if it is not included in a dynamic surrounding. 

Sounds complicated?

No worries! Feelin has put together some of our best use cases to show you four different ways to use your logo effectively in video ads.

If you do not have time to read the whole article our advice is in a nutshell the following:

  1. Use color contrast to make your logo stand out

  2. Timing! Timing! Timing!

  3. Make your logo dynamic

  4. Or give your logo a dynamic surrounding

1. Use color contrast to make your logo stand out

Small logos are often placed in the corner of the image, which might lead to a situation where they are not noticed by the audience (as they are not the “stars” of the image and video in question).

One way to make small logos stand out is to create clear and dynamic color contrast. For example, in their video campaign “Fort en frisson“, Napoleon Sports & Casino places its bright logo against a bleak background. Our eye-tracking analysis shows that their logo is one of the first things the audience notice!

2. Timing! Timing! Timing!

One thing that cannot be emphasised enough is timing. In a world where consumers’ attention spans are shorter than ever, first impressions are everything. As the first five seconds of a video are crucial, you also need to let people notice your logo quickly.

Otherwise, if you only show your logo at the end of the video and, in particular, if the video lasts long, a part of the audience may have zapped away without having seen your logo at all.

This was identified as the main issue, for example, in the context of the recent ad of Facebook, ‘The Tiger and the Buffalo’, announcing its recent rebranding to ‘Meta’ (you can read the entire analysis of the video: here). As the table below shows us, more people would have seen the logo if it had been placed earlier than at the end of the video.

Equally important to a video’s intro is the end of the video when the final pack shots are displayed. Altough this moment is more about giving a great impression at the end, it is also extremely important that the audience will focus on your logo so that they will remember it later.

On the other hand, you should pay attention to keep your final scene clean and tidy enough. Too much information and too many elements will actually distract the audience’s attention as they will not be sure where to look at.

The final shot of the following beer advertisement can be given as a typical example of the latter situation with too many elements: The viewers are thus focusing on the beer glass and tagline, but the packaging and the ingredients underneath are not noticed at all.

3. Make your logo dynamic

Make your logo dance – it really makes a difference!

As said before, in some cases, static logos in the corner of the screen might not even be noticed by the audience. In contrast, when the logo is displayed with animation, the audience will pay extra attention to it. 

Let’s take an example of two videos from the same company, Proximus, concerning thus the same logo:

In the first image below (on the left), which is a screenshot of the first video, no particular focus is made on the logo. As you can see from the heatmap (the heatmap of main actions being in the middle of the image), no one is specifically looking at Proximus logo. On the other hand, in the intro part of the second video (see the second image on the right), the same logo is animated, which makes the brand noticed by the audience.

4. Or place your logo in a dynamic environment

Of course, it is impossible to display your logo continuously with animation. Another alternative is, therefore, to place the logo in a dynamic environment.

For example, Proximus logo is also shown in another place of  the second video (already presented above) by putting it right next to the main action of the video. The aim is to make sure that when looking at the protagonist, the audience can also notice the logo right next to him (see the screenshot of the heatmap on the right). And guess what? – It really works! 

Did you learn some tips by reading this article?

If you want to find out whether audience will notice and remember the logo of your brand, we are happy to give you the answer in a few hours only!

Contact us and boost the remembrance of your brand: 

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