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4 reasons why your Facebook ad is failing

There is no doubt that Facebook Ads are great marketing tools. With more than 2.7 billion active users, its cutting-edge ad platform, the possibility to create tailor-made campaigns, plus tons of stories about entrepreneurs using Facebook Ads to achieve hyper-accelerated growth, Facebook seems like the best place to invest some serious marketing budget.

But wait a second, doesn’t it sound a bit too good to be true? You are definitely not the only one having second thoughts, for more than 60% of small businesses claimed that Facebook Ads do not achieve their target.

But this doesn’t mean Facebook is not a good platform to advertise your business. The myth is that Facebook has become a very competitive and crowded place for business and that consumer behavior on social media has changed so radically that many small businesses are experiencing problems coping with that. So, it’s increasingly important for marketers to create and run Facebook Ads the right way to achieve optimal outcomes.

In this article, Feelin is sharing FOUR common mistakes that many small businesses make with Facebook Ads as well as practical suggestions to help you overcome these problems.

Directly running your ads without proper testing

One of the most efficient ways to know whether your ad will work or not is to test it. No matter how easy-to-use Facebook ads claim to be, it still requires a well-thought-out testing strategy to achieve your marketing goals. Many variables, such as ad creative, delivery, audience, placement, etc. can impact the performance of your ad. Fortunately, Facebook makes it possible to directly conduct split testing with Ad Manager. Of course, this also means more investment in budget and some extra patience while waiting for the results.

Not having enough patience in the learning phase

Even if you have enough confidence in your ad and you feel like there’s no need to conduct split tests, bear in mind that it’s recommended to wait until Facebook algorithm exits its learning phase before making any change or removing the ad. As explained by Facebook themselves: “By editing an ad, ad set or campaign during the learning phase, you reset learning and delay our delivery system’s ability to optimize.” And we do sympathize with you, this phase can be very stressful and annoying.

Alternatively, instead of testing/running ads directly on Facebook, many marketers choose to conduct pre-launch testing. Discover 4 key benefits of pre-launch testing.

Your ad does not grab users’ attention

In general, Facebook users are not looking for your ad. But if you have selected the right audience, they are statistically more likely to be attracted by your product or service. So the main objective here is to let people stop at your ad instead of scrolling further in news feed. In other words, if your ad does not stand out among the crowded news feed, it’s going to be difficult for you to get engagement or conversions, even with the right audience. To give them a good reason to engage in your content, you need to have compelling creatives that truly resonate with your target audience.

Not putting enough emphasis on creatives

Although consumer behavior has tremendously changed with the eruption of social media, meaning that other variables in ads have become more important, consumers’ passion for great stories which they can truly resonate with has never changed, if not increased. A Nielsen survey shows that the creative is responsible for the largest contribution (47%) to sales, whereas factors that are often at the core of today’s marketing are less responsible for success, such as reach and brand, which contribute to 22% and 15% respectively.

If you are doing ads with text and images, make sure you are crafting both descriptive and compelling visual and copy. If you are doing video ads, make sure your audience will focus and remember your brand and product, find the best place to put your CTA and most importantly, tell a good story that emotionally connects with your target audience.

Facebook ads are no “plug and play” advertising, but the problems are fairly easy to tackle. All you have to do is put in the necessary time and effort to test your campaigns, find the right audience to target, and focus on attention-grabbing and compelling creatives for your audience.

But what if there’s a solution that can tell you the performance of your Facebook Ad in advance? Where do users look at when they stop at you ad? Which element attracts their attention at first sight? How many of them will eventually click your Call-To-Action?

Want to know more about how Feelin can improve your Facebook ad performance with less time, effort and budget? Book a demo with us now!

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