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AD BATTLE #10 Ethias vs Mutualité Chrétienne

Although insurance is a need-based industry, the fierce competition in the marketplace still makes it important for each insurance company to resonate with consumers and to be among the first ones that they think of – an objective that can be successfully realized through impactful advertising.

This week Feelin is presenting two leading insurance companies in Belgium: Ethias and Mutualité Chrétienne. While Ethias, with the help of their iconic animated characters, advertises an insurance for a “mobility for the future”, Mutualité Chrétienne presents an unforgettable scenario that we all hope it won’t happen to us…

Ethias Spot Mobility, YouTube, uploaded by Ethias Verzekeringen – Assurances

MC La MC soigne son image avec Publicis Groupe, Youtube, uploaded by Publicis Groupe Belgium

Which contestant will be able to conquer a bigger share of consumers’ mind? Let’s find out the answer now!

Key Findings

  1. Ethias’ advertising strategy resonates well with female viewers, whereas MC’s video succeed in eliciting strong positive emotions of both male and female audience.

  2. Both contestants performed well in engaging viewers in the first 5 seconds, but experienced slight drop in attention in the rest part of the video.

  3. Based on eye-tracking analysis, we observe MC’s logo in the final scene is well fixated by viewers. In contrast, in Ethias’ final plan, due to the scattered distribution of numerous elements, viewers seem to be less focused on the logo itself than exploring the background.

  4. The victory goes to Mutualité Chrétienne — a humorous yet informative and relatable piece of ad that successfully addresses different consumer profiles while making their brand stand out the competition. Don’t miss the full analysis, practical tips and heatmap illustrations below!

Emotional Impact

Ethias: 13.3% of Feelers reacted with strong emotions, the dominant emotion here is happiness (6.7%).

Happiness elicitation sequences Ethias

Mutualité Chrétienne: 22% of Feelers reacted with strong emotions, the dominant emotion here is also happiness (14.0%).

Happiness elicitation sequences MC

For the first round, MC’s video triggers strong positive emotions of both female and male viewers. A peak of positive emotions can be observed between 6 and 10 seconds, when the girl and the boy are “caught” in the sofa. In contrast, Ethias’ video is emotionally impactful for mostly female audience. No doubt, the winner for Round One is MC!

Tips from Feelin: Emotion is the key to consumers’ heart! As a major component of consumers’ decision-making process, tapping into audience’s emotions can really help you connect with them and make your ads easily memorable.

Attentional Power

For Round Two, both Ethias and MC reached an attentional score of 60%.

Attentional Power – Overall Tendency

As for this round, both contestants did well in engaging viewers in the 5 seconds. Afterwards, the level of attention in Ethias’ video remains relatively stable until the last 15 seconds. A similar kind of weakness is also experienced by the other contestant: in MC’s video, the level of attention decreases between 5 and 15 seconds and recovers to almost 60% in the last 5 seconds. A tie for Round Two!

Round Three: Eye-Tracking Analysis

Regions of Interest MC vs Ethias

As for Round Three, both contestants deliver good performance, the key elements (human character, text, logo and taglines) are well situated in the area of interest. However, in the final scene, MC’s logo is better fixated by viewers thanks to its blurred background, whereas viewers demonstrated slight difficulty focusing on Ethias’ logo because of the scattered distribution of various elements in the background.

Another victory for MC!

Interested in finding out more? Let’s get in touch!

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