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AD BATTLE #4 Proximus Flex vs Voo Zuny, who gives you the right “vibes”?

This week FEELIN is presenting you two ads featuring telco services Proximus and Voo. Both ads aim at promoting their new service alternatives to consumers: Proximus promises a more flexible package to every household based on individual needs, whereas Voo is talking loud and clear to the next-gen with their 100% digital offer.

Did they succeed in creating a close bond with their target consumers? Spoiler alert! You thought you knew young consumers? They might turn out to be a surprise sometimes…

For those in a rush, here’s the take-away version:

  1. Though both ads do not aim at creating strong humorous effects, viewer reactions still show some bursts of happiness.

  2. Viewers remain quite focused throughout the Proximus ad.

  3. Voo’s ad manages to attract younger viewers’ attention (almost 90% in the first 5 seconds), but has trouble retaining it afterwards, as we observe a 60% drop of attention across the whole video within the younger group (aged 18-25).

  4. Tips from FEELIN: it might be surprising for you, but millennial and Gen Z consumers have a clear appetite for authentic content with breadth and depth. They don’t like being a vehicle for the product. In other words, authenticity is crucial: a particular mood, an inspiring story or an goal-oriented narrative could be a helpful strategy to stimulate your audience.

  5. The winner is Proximus Flex! Sorry for Voo, it’s definitely a good idea to create content specially designed for young consumers, but further effort is needed to craft impactful ads.

Go on reading for more insights and tips, and of course, you can always directly ask FEELIN to help you create ads that really touch your target audience.

Round One: Emotional Impact

Proximus Flex: 10.6% of viewers showed strong positive emotions.

Voo Zuny: 10.9% of viewers reacted with strong positive emotions.

Happiness elicitation sequences Proximus

Happiness elicitation sequences Voo

Though these two ads do not aim at being particularly funny, we can still notice a few bursts of positive emotions in viewer reactions. So, we announce a tie for Round One!

Tips from FEELIN: It’s a good idea for Proximus to combine the pack shots with a joke in the ending scene. However, based on the data, this ending scene appears to move too fast for viewers to understand the joke. If you are aiming at some light humor, that’s a fine result. But if you really want to make your ending more powerful, you need to design your joke more explicitly, just like the epic fall of Taylor Swift in her Apple Music ad — really, people will remember that. We know we will.

Round Two: Attentional Power

As for Round Two, both contestants achieved a score of 60% in general. Viewers’ attention remained relatively stable throughout both videos.

Attentional Power — Overall Tendency: Proximus vs. Voo

Attentional Power — Overall tendency Voo Age 18-25

However, if we look at Voo Zuny’s performance with their target audience – the younger age group, we observe a very high starting point in the first 5 seconds and then a striking drop (almost 60%!!) towards the end. It means that the Voo ad did a good job catching young viewers’ attention, but failed to keep them focused, and this can be a major issue since the key information about Voo’s product is woven throughout the whole video. Sorry for Voo, winner of Round Two is Proximus!

Tips from FEELIN: For millennials and Gen Z, effective advertising needs more than a futuristic style. Yes, Gifs, Emojis, and a unicorn color palette are good choices to catch their attention, but if you also want to have their attention retained, these tools are far from enough. It might be surprising for you, but millennial and Gen Z consumers have a clear appetite for authentic content with breadth and depth. They don’t like being a mere vehicle for the product. Originality is crucial: why not try to embody a particular mood, an inspiring story or meaningful values in your ad?

Round Three: Eye-Tracking Analysis

Eye-Tracking Analysis: Region of Interest

Tips from FEELIN: With eye-tracking analysis, we can easily locate the region of interest in the video. Making sure that the key elements (logo and tag line for example) are situated in the region of interest is crucial for the brand’s visual remembrance.

Both contestants deliver a good performance in this round. As illustrated above, all key elements, including personage, logo and key information, are well situated in the region of interest. An extra bonus for Proximus as their small logo on the screen is noticed by the audience!

Was our analysis useful to you? If you want to test the effectiveness of your own video content, request a demo to see how FEELIN can help you make the best of your ads!

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