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Ad of the Week – Christmas magic is all around us

Here we go again! This week, Feelin launches its new weekly format, dedicated to the analysis of a video campaign that makes people react and generates discussion – or not!

The magic of Christmas is all around us, and what better way to capture the mood than with the traditional Coca Cola Christmas video. We all know that Coca Cola likes to make spots that emphasise emotion and sharing.

So question : does it work?  TL;DR: Yes, and not just a little.

First, if you have not watched the Christmas spot yet, check out the link below and let the magic happen.

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People Tested on their smartphones

Emotional impact

showed positive emotions 86%

Attentional engagement

stayed fully engaged throughout the video 81%

Post video survey

liked the video 79%

Sounds interesting but you do not know what Feelin is?

No problem either – we explain it all here in details here.

In a nutshell : Feelin is the best way to pretest ads. A new, faster and cost-effective way to collect feedback about your viewers’ emotional reactions to your video. We capture reactions on hundreds of people in a few hours, thanks to their smartphones.

Emotional Analysis

In this section, we will look at the emotions felt during the spot

A clearly emotional spot with a score of 8/10 for emotional reaction and no less than 84.9% of positive reactions. A very nice 36% more than the average video, which makes it one of the champions of the category.

A textbook case here, as the progressive construction of the narrative and the increase in emotional response throughout the video can be clearly observed

Smiles and maternal pride – 16 to 20 secs Take the time to build up the emotion, and show people who feel it. This is still the best way to make your audience feel it. In this scene, in a few seconds, you can read and feel all the admiration that this mother has for her child.

Simple and effective.

The scenes of sharing – 40 to 47 secs

And yes, after a second year marked by Covid-19, we notice that the passages featuring people sharing the simple happiness of being together still arouse as much pleasure in the audience. Surprising?

Not really.

Fun Fact : Did you know that women feel much more affected by this spot than men? In particular, the scene of maternal pride with a stunning tenfold factor of emotion between gender.

Attention retention

In this section, we will look at the proportion of people who stayed engaged in the spot

We know how important it is to attract and especially keep the attention of the audience engaged during the first few seconds.

We lost around 10% of the audience during the first 10 seconds, which is in the average when compared to other videos we tested (grey line on the chart below).

Walking down the corridor. Sec 3 to 6.

In this spot, we can see that attention wanes quite quickly, which is explained by the fact that the story takes its time to be set up, with the little boy walking down the corridor.

Packshot – 40 to 47 secs

In this classic of the genre, the logo appears right in the middle of the screen, which ensures that the brand is remembered. Mission accomplished with a fixation very centred on the logo. However, there is a slight drop in attention on the final packshot.

If you found this analysis interesting and meaningful, feel free to visit our online plateform to discover more uses cases and explore all insights.

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