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Video Pre-Testing For Brands

Whether the objective of your ad is to increase sales, raise awareness of your brand or simply explain to customers how to use your product, you need to be sure there is a very good chance of strong return before launching the video on channels, whether they are digital or TV

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Did you say pre-testing?

It is even more important when you launch your video ad on TV, you got only one chance. If your video is badly perceived, you might just be throwing money away.

This is why most of the leading companies are pre-testing their ads. They cannot afford to spend several thousand of Euros on an ad that their audience doesn’t understand.

Pre-launch testing helps you choose the most impactful creative

With video pre-testing, you can edit your video based on data-driven consumer insights.


Identify the most engaging moments as well as moments in which viewers start to get distracted thanks to gaze heatmap technology.


With these data, you understand why creative A works better than creative B and use insight to find the optimal design and editing.

Video Editing Timeline

Pre-launch testing helps you understand and segment your audience

Using the chart of emotional reactions through the video, you can segment your audience and see how different demographic groups react.


These insights can help you choose creatives or concepts to accurately target specific groups.


Understanding what each demographic group likes also allows you to create an ad incorporating elements that address all groups and these insights will also help you breathe new life into your brand’s image.

Pre-launch testing provides long term learnings to improve your ad ROI

Pre-testing your video campaign can help you save money by improving the efficiency of your campaigns.


You can now predict if your advertising will generate a reaction and be informed about what viewers liked about your ad.

Identify which ingredients made your previous creatives successful and implement them again in future productions!

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How To Do Pre-Testing?

With Feelin, we developed a new technology to get actionable insights for your video ads in 24h. We gathered a community of viewers and we capture their reactions to give you a personal dashboard report.


With our dashboard, you can identify the key moments We have the expertise and already tested hundreds and hundreds of videos to help you know if you are doing better than your competitors.

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