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Unlock the Power of Emotional Insights
Understand audiovisual audience

An emotional link with the audience
Award-winning Ad Technology using human insight with a bit of A.I

Fast Insights with a wider reach

The Benefits of Feelin's Smartphone-Based Technology

What sets Feelin apart is our innovative use of smartphones to collect data. By leveraging the widespread availability of smartphones, we're able to present your ads to hundreds of people at the same time, providing you with a large and diverse sample size.


This allows us to deliver insights in a fraction of the time it would take with traditional ad testing methods. Whether you're testing a new campaign or optimizing an existing one, Feelin's technology is designed to give you the data you need, when you need it.

Innovative Emotion Detection

How Feelin's AI-Based Technology Delivers Fast Insights

Speady Insights with a Wider Reach In-depth Emotion Analysis Measuring Attention and Emotion At Feelin, we use cutting-edge computer vision and feature detection technology to measure emotional reactions to your ads.


Our unique AI-based technology is designed to work with the front camera of a smartphone, making it easy and convenient to get fast insights from hundreds of people in just a few hours.


This enables you to test and optimize your ad campaigns in real-time, so you can be confident that you're making the right decisions to drive ROI

In-depth Emotion Analysis

The Power of Feelin's Proprietary

Pupil Dilation Detection Technology

At Feelin, we go beyond traditional emotion detection methods by leveraging our proprietary pupil dilation detection technology.

This unique technology measures the activity of the autonomous nervous system to give you a truly accurate understanding of the real emotions felt by your audience. By detecting the unconscious reactions of your viewers, our technology provides a deeper and more meaningful look into the emotional impact of your ads.


With Feelin, you can make data-driven decisions that lead to a better ROI.

Measuring Attention & Emotion

How Feelin's Technology Helps You Create Engaging Ads

Why create emotionally impactful content if it's not holding people's attention?


With Feelin, you can be confident that your ads are not only resonating emotionally but also capturing and maintaining your audience's attention.


Our technology takes into account a range of eye-related indicators, such as gaze duration, blink rate, and eye movement, giving you a complete picture of engagement.


This allows you to create ads that not only evoke emotions but also keep your audience engaged from start to finish

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