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Pre-Test Your Videos to boost your
creative performance

We present your ads, storyboards, reels to hundreds of people to check if your content resonate with them

They trust us

Actionable results

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Analysis of emotional sequences

Determine if the different sequences in your videos elicit the emotions you expected.

User retention curve.

Evaluate if you're able to capture user attention within the first few seconds. Pre-test the view-through rate.

Customizable questionnaires.

Ask open-ended questions to identify if your message is clear enough and if the audience associates it with the brand.

Real People, Real Results
Test Your Ads with Real People, Not Algorithms

We believe that real human insight is key to accurately testing the effectiveness of ads.


That's why we present your ads to hundreds of real people through our app. With real people providing feedback, you'll receive a more accurate and nuanced understanding of how your ads will perform in the real world.

Select the winning assets in no time

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Check out our uses cases

Shorten your ad
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Laurent Deramaix
Jury President of
IAB Mixx

Revolutionizing Panel Testing



Thanks to its technology, Feelin is revolutionizing a classic marketing tool : the panel.


Bart de Pauw
Chief buisiness Intelligence Officer GroupM EMEA/ Belgium

A simple, effective dashboard that allows me to make smart decisions"

Ground-breaking tool for your videos combining agile methodology with media performance

Don't be shy, it's a free trial

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