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  • What is Feelin?
    Feelin is a Belgian start-up which has created a new, fast and cost-effective tool to pre-test videos. One of the aims is to put people back to the centre of creativity when it comes to the world of videos, such as advertisements, films and music videos. To achieve this objective, we are proposing to real people – our “Feelers” – to participate in the improvement of our video environment by using our Feelin App and watching different videos. We capture reactions on hundreds of people in a few hours, thanks to their smartphones. On the other hand, letting real people give feedback on the performance of the videos, instead of algorithms and other automatic calculations of social networks, is also beneficial for advertisers and agencies. Our other objective is thus also to provide these players with a fast and cost-effective tool to improve their videos.
  • How does Feelin work?
    We have made emotional analysis easy by developing patented technology and AI-based algorithms to achieve high-resolution in recording audience’ facial expressions, attention and pupil dilation. Using eye-tracking enables us to go beyond the traditional heatmaps and discover the full potential of automated AOI (Area of Interest) analysis. Thanks to this, you can get content-based insights to understand your audience’s attention. On the other hand, facial coding allows you to see how people react to you video and validate your storyboard. Finally, we use pupillometry, i.e., we measure the amount of pupil dilation, which helps you gain direct access to the consumer unconscious and uncover the intensity of emotional arousal. You can perform emotional analysis on your videos via our new online platform to which you first need to register. Once registered, you can upload the video you want to analyse and make the necessary selections regarding the audience. Following the payment, your order will be confirmed by Feelin and published on the Feelin App. Looking for a more customised service? Please contact:
  • What distinguishes Feelin from its competitors?
    One of the assets of Feelin – and which also distinguishes us from our competitors – is the velocity with which we can test your ads: thanks to our App, you do not need to wait for days or months for accurate results, but you can have them in a few hours only! The required time can, of course, slightly vary on the number/ specific characteristics of participants you want to involve in the analysis of your video.
  • Why should I pre-test my videos?
    Pre-testing your videos will help you to minimise risks, save costs, test different ideas in a safe environment, get feedback, optimise branding and recall as well as message transmission and in general, make your video ads more effective. For example, pre-testing will help you improve your editing as it enables you to identify the sequences with the strongest impact and select impactful assets for your campaigns. In addition, it will help you select the right format for your videos, such as ads, based on the audience’s visual engagement and decide if some of your videos should be skipped. You will also discover whether the audience understands the message as intended – and make changes if needed before publishing the video to the public at large. For more details and examples, please read our blog.
  • At which moment should I pre-test my videos?
    It is never too late to test your videos! However, if you want to minimise your risks and costs, it is better to pre-test them quite early during the planning, creation and/ or production stage of your video in question. At the moment, most of our clients use Feelin in post-production. However, our aim of the near future is also to allow and encourage them to use Feelin to test storyboards in pre-production.
  • What kind of videos can I test?
    Duration and format: The maximum duration of your video should not exceed 2 minutes. This is due to technical reasons related to the use of smartphones to collect data. The ideal format of your video would be either: 720p or 1920 x 1080px. Type of content: You can test all kinds of videos, such as advertisements, films and music videos. Most of our clients, however, test video ads. As mentioned in our General Terms and Conditions, you are not allowed to upload videos, the content which is illegal, defamatory, obscene, incites prejudice or hatred or which is otherwise unlawful to be possessed according to pplicable rules. If this is the case, your video will be rejected, and the corresponding credits will be returned to your account of the Feelin platform. If this happens several times consecutively, we preserve (following a warning) the right to close your account.
  • How long does it take to test my videos?
    Thanks to our App and the large community of ‘Feelers’, we have managed to gather, testing your video will only take a few hours considering that a typical user testing session last around five minutes, including calibration sequence. As mentioned above, this slightly varies on the number/ specific characteristics of participants you want to involve in the analysis of your video.
  • How many participants do I need for the analysis of my video?
    We recommend testing your video by at least 80 participants in order to have accurate results. However, depending on your needs and aims – for example, if you want to have representative results of the reactions of both men and women – you should have more than 80 participants (200 to 300 for example).
  • Can more participants be added at a later stage?
    At the moment, it is, unfortunately, not possible to add more participants once your order has been confirmed. However, this is on our agenda for this year; we will let you know as soon as this new option is available!
  • Can anyone use the App and thus participate in the analysis of my video?
    Any person who is 18 years old or older and who has a recent smartphone can use our App. The persons must also have given their prior consent to the recording of their facial data. You can select not only the number of participants but also to what kind of target audience you want to show your video as well as the country in which they are located. For more details, see the response to the next question below.
  • Can I decide who can participate in the analysis?
    Yes, you can. As mentioned, you can either choose to show your video to anyone of our large community of ‘Feelers’ or only to selected category of them (for example, only to women between 18-40 years old living in France). In addition, you can decide to show your video to persons you have selected beforehand and who are not part of our community. In this latter case, please contact us at:
  • In which countries can I have my video tested?
    Currently, we cover Belgium and France. However, you can soon test your videos also in the UK and the US; we will let you know as soon as this is possible!
  • What is the content of the final report based on the analysis of my video?
    The content of the final report of your video slightly depends on whether you opted for the self-service or chose the option of a personalised support in analysing your results. In both cases, the final report will include the scores – based on benchmarks – your video received concerning emotional reaction and retention, global appreciation score that covers likeability, shareability, arousal, purchase intent and interest. In both cases, you will also receive feedback on what worked in your video and recommendations how to improve its performance. If you opted for personalised support in analysing your results, the feedback and the recommendations will be more detailed and personalised.
  • How accurate are the results?
    The eye tracking results are accurate to 200 px (and we are working hard to improve this). This accuracy allows you to have answers to the critical questions about product placement, logo placement or calls to actions. Facial expression detection takes into account the specific environment of the person to ensure a robust data collection while minimising false positives (false expressions). We focus on micro facial expressions to have a better understanding of our users.
  • Can I apply the results of my video to real life?
    Yes, you can. Many scientific studies have shown that the results of behavioural studies carried out in the laboratory do explain the actual performance of advertising campaigns. Although there might be slightly fewer emotional responses in the context of a study based on smartphones than in real life situation, the fact that we test all videos under the same conditions makes the comparison relevant and robust. In addition, it is important to note that we collect data directly on smartphones – so where a lot of media content is shown and viewed by your audience these days. That is also what makes our tool so interesting and unique!
  • How are the benchmarks defined based on which the performance of my video is analysed?
    Once watched by the number of participants you selected, your video will be scored (you will receive an emotional reaction score, a retention score and a general appreciation score) on the basis of the scores of videos of the same industry. Thanks to these comprehensive scores, you can thus check if, for example, your video outperformed your competitors and at the same time, increase the probability that your brands and products have an impact on your consumers.
  • My video was refused by Feelin although in my view, its content does respect the General Conditions and Terms – what should I do?
    As mentioned in our General Terms and Conditions, we check all submitted videos before publishing them on our App, i.e. before our Feelers can start watching them. If your video was refused and you disagree, please contact us by sending an email to and ask the reasons for the refusal of your video.
  • How much does it cost to pre-test videos by using Feelin?
    Our pricing depends on the number of the participants, whether you want that only certain type of persons can watch your video (and not anyone of the Feelers) and whether you want to have personalised support in analysing your results. In addition, you will get a discount if you decide to buy a package of videos. For more details, please find the exact pricing list:
  • I bought a package but finally decided not to test more videos – can I be reimbursed?
    Unfortunately, not. Once confirmed, the order is non-cancellable, and no remaining credits can be reimbursed.
  • Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied with the results?
    Unfortunately, due to how our system works, we do not offer refunds. However, the full satisfaction of our clients remains our top priority. Thus, do not hesitate to contact us if you are not satisfied with our services: we will be happy to find solutions together! Also, we often organise campaigns that allow you to have discounts on our services.
  • My video was refused by Feelin – can I get a refund?
    All submitted videos are checked by Feelin. If your video includes content which does not comply with the General Terms of Feelin, the video will be removed. You cannot get a money refund, but the corresponding credits are returned to your account of the Feelin platform so that you can reuse them for another video.
  • How is the privacy of personal information ensured by Feelin?
    When it comes to the receipt, storage, use and/or transfer of personal information, we always maintain the confidentiality of personal information provided or otherwise disclosed to us in connection with our services, as well as appropriate security measures that are compliant with applicable data protection regulations. For more information, please see our General Terms and Conditions or contact us by send an email to: As regards the protection of data of the users of our App, ‘the Feelers’, all users are fully aware of what is being tracked, and they must give permission to start the recording of facial data. The data is collected and processed on their smartphones and used in strict compliance with the applicable data protection rules, in particular the GDPR. Once the data have been anonymised, all data are assembled, which allows us to compile a report on the performance of the videos. For more information in this regard, please see our Privacy Policy.
  • How long will my video and the results be stored on the Feelin platform?
    The video you uploaded, and the results of its analysis are stored on the Feelin platform for a period of time of two (2) year as of the date of uploading. If you want the data to be deleted before this expiry date, please send your request in writing to: Please clearly indicate in the email which videos and analyses are concerned by your request.
  • I am afraid the login and/or password is corrupted – what should I do?
    In case you think, or you are afraid that your login or/ and password is corrupted, please contact us immediately by sending an email to:

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