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Our technology

We have made emotional analysis easy by developing patented technology and AI-based algorithms to achieve high-resolution in recording audience's facial expressions, attention and pupil dilation.

Facial recognition

Facial recognition

We automaticaly capture and recode facial expressions into emotion to understand what people feel on a second-by-second scale.

Eye tracking

We use the front camera of the smartphone to infer gaze position on the screen and tell where people are looking onto the screen.

Thanks to our proprietary algorithms, we achieve high resolution on mobile devices.


Pupil dilation

Feelin has developed a unique patented technology to measure pupil size variation with a simple smartphone frontal camera.

With the pupil size you gain direct access to the consumers unconscious to uncover level of emotional arousal.

Online quiz

In addition to our benchmark which allows you to compare yourself to your competitors, you have the possibility of adding personalised questions to go even further in understanding the message (open questions, MCQ, Q&A)

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